Survivor Philippines: Synopsis of the Show

Survivor Philippines is a reality TV show in which there is a competition being broadcasted live. This show is based on the same format as the series called “Survivor”. Overall, it is the Philippines take on the show. It can be watched online at 123movieshub without signup or registration. While tracing back the origins of the show, the original inspiration came from the show called Expedition Robinson in the 1990s created by Charlie Parsons.

About Survivor Philippines

Survivor Philippines premiered their first episode in 2008’s September on GMA Network. Survivor has been hosted by various figures over the years, in the first two seasons the host was Paolo Bediones but currently, the hosting responsibilities have been handed over to Richard Gutierrez. For television junkies, they can watch the show on its airtime which is usually on a weekday at night time during the timeslots specified for Telebabad.

But if you do miss one transmission or just like binge-watching, there are a ton of movies streaming websites where you could watch the entire series and all the seasons. Almost all the online movies websites tend to have a tab for a reality TV show where you will be able to access all episodes of Survivor Philippines.

Although the show is broadcasted by GMA network, after the second season was aired it became hit amongst the international community and the viewership has expanded ever since. So it can be accessed through Pinoy TV. However, for North American viewers this might not be easily accessible through the GMA channels because of the CBS contract that explicitly states that other variants of the series cannot be aired in that region.

Although not available on TV, we are pretty sure there are streaming and movies websites that enable users to watch it, so the viewership is not entirely affected as such.

Getting back to the show, Survivor Philippines, is pretty much designed on the same format as its other variants. A specified or fixed number of participants sign up to be stranded on an isolated piece of land, island, jungle for a set time, usually spanning over a period of a few weeks. During the course of time, one participant is eliminated until only one competitor remains, so it is similar to “Last Man Standing” principle who is also the winner of the show and is given the title of Pinoy Sole Survivor. Apart from the title, the winner also gets a cash prize of 3,000,000 Peso. The cash prize for this show has set the bar quite high and made a record of giving the largest cash prize in the Philippine’s Television/ Reality TV history.

Final Verdict

The taglines that used in the show Filipino language are as follows: “Pautakan, Pagalingan, Patatagan” which translates to “Outsmart, Outplay and Survive”. This show is intense and garners viewers’ attention, keeping them engrossed to the point that they feel included. Also, the show itself calls their viewers as “Katribo” which translates to “Tribemate” in English, this narrative of inclusivity helps the viewers in connecting and bonding with the contestants.